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Dariusz Garko

Dariusz Garko

Dariusz Garko grew up in Poland and began his journey and passionate commitment to physical performance at 15 years old when he was selected for a semi-professional soccer team. The result was motivating and he continued to develop his work outs and proper eating disciplines as a lifestyle. Garko had big dreams and a great love of sport and the outdoors that he was determined to make his career. He earned his Masters degree in Sports and Recreation from Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego (The Academy of Physical Education) in Krakow, Poland Garko, considered a top fitness and strength expert in NYC, has been featured in Men's Health, Ceasar's Way and as a stunt training expert on the set of the movie "Salt" with Angelina Jolie as well as a number of Health and Fitness websites.

Garko is an avid athlete himself with an addiction for board sports! A professional snowboard racer in bordercross, a surfer, kiteboarder and snowkiter. He's an expert trainer that puts his own practices to the test regularly! Dariusz was featured in the NY Post article "Storm Slaps Gotham". Dariusz was kiteboarding in the Hudson River in NYC while the winds gusting 50 mph. Dariusz was also featured in the Cesar's Way article "Get Fit with FIDO". Dariusz worked with his dog and companion on a training system that involves your pets.

In 2003 Dariusz fell in love with snowboarding, very first winter after arriving in USA. 5 years later he was already competing in Snowboardcross USASA Nationals 2009, 2010 (biggest event in US for amateur snowboarders). In 2007 his focus was on Kiteboarding, since he thought it could benefit snowboarding during off season. But quickly understood that it’s much more than that, lol. He got instantly addicted and until today he’s passionate about this great sport as he was the first time when he got on the board. After that Snowkiting was just a natural progression.

Dariusz is one of the first kiteboarders riding on NYC Hudson Harbor.